“Re-set you and your family with a steady rhythm this fall.”

Have you noticed in the last week a new rhythm occurring in nature with the fall season swiftly approaching – shorter days and cooler evenings? It happens to coincide with going back to school and having a regular family routine, with the long lazy days of summer fading away.

Going back to school brings new experiences, learning and friends for children. It is an exciting time and can be overwhelming for children if they don’t have a good routine. Parents have shared that their children have lost their bearings when they have been taken out of their routine.  Children need a map of their day laid out and can actually be part of the weekly planning with their parents. They learn responsibility and how to help.

Drawing a schedule can be a fun activity using different color coding for different days of the week and adding in regular school activities and after-school events. Pre-school children and early readers can become familiar with their names, days of the week and commonly used words.

Here are some other things that you intuitively know as a parent, to have a steady rhythm in the household:

  • Start the day slowly, by waking up 5-10 minutes early. This will help you and your family have a steady flow to the day instead of lining up anxiously for the bathroom or gulping down breakfast with your stomach protesting with noises, burps and so forth.
  • Plan your meal times – simple yet nutritious and let your children do some preparation of vegetables, pouring drinks, stirring the soup etc. as they are natural helpers. Singing while preparing dinner can bring relaxation, taking away the cares of the day. This will also help reduce the ‘screen time’. It also builds a good sense of responsibility and developing cooperation.
  • Yoga & Meditation – Take 3-5 minutes to do some yoga or deep breathing with your children e.g. the natural breath, often at night-time when you are cuddling up with your children, preparing for bedtime. Rubbing some sesame oil on their feet will help your child go into deep relaxation and sleep. Or you may want to sing a song, or chant a mantra together at bedtime.
  • Good sleep pattern – Going to bed at a regular time will help a child sleep more soundly. And, in the safety of a parents arms a child will fully relax and share their experiences, fears and questions. It is healthy for them to re-lease their emotions in a supportive and safe environment.
  • Listen to your Heart – When life gets complicated, too many things happening at once, or your children are misbehaving, having troubles at school, or are exhausted, take some time and reflect, listening to your heart before you respond or give advice. Doing this while you breathe deeply will bring you into a neutral, compassionate and loving place and your children will feel this supportive energy.
  • Don’t strive for perfection. You and your children are already perfect the way you are. Stay present to the moment, to what is happening and trust that your heart is supporting you.

Whatever is happening in your household in any given moment, keep breathing and walk your path with love, joy, compassion and forgiveness. These are all qualities of your heart.



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