“Sound and music brings us into our natural frequency of love.”

As a yoga teacher I was inspired to bring ‘the sound current’ into yoga classes with children. It started with using various mantras and known yoga songs for children. Children particularly liked chanting the mantras and on two occasions, as a group, sang them to me spontaneously after learning them in a class or before a special Mother’s Day event. They tune into sound so easily and spontaneously.

Another time, a 4-year-old boy broke out into song, like he was toning a particular note, upon hearing the singing bowl for the first time. His voice was beautiful, full coming from deep within his heart and his face was in total rapture, with spirit. He was totally taken by the sound and there was no doubt that he had a talent to express. His grandmother was present in the class and had an experience to share with this boy’s mother at home.

I have always loved music and the gift it brings to everyone. As a 10-year-old, I was totally transported to a joyous place when singing with a group of peers during a summer camp. To this day the songs are with me.  So, there is a real power to sound and music – uplifting and healing to the body, mind and spirit.

Sounds are all around us, some beautiful to the ear, some grating, soft, loud, melodic, harmonic, lively, slow and the list goes on.  Music opens the heart and elevates the soul.  It is a joyful opening of voice, body, mind and breath in the presence of spirit. Children learn to listen by having the experience of various sounds e.g. ringing a bell, hearing various animal sounds, different chakra sounds, or chanting the universal sound OM.

In a yoga class we can make our bodies sound like musical instruments e.g. gently slap top of head, cheeks etc., use the fingers, mouth and feet.  Just emphasizing a sigh or yawn engages children.  The list is infinite and kids love when the yoga teacher exaggerates a sound like a snore, whistle, make a buzzing sound like a bee.  The sound brings a story alive whether making the sound of a frog, rabbit or lion.

And not surprising, yoga and sound naturally fit together. When we are born we do not enter the world silently but with a cry and fill the air with our own voices. We are music from the first cry, humming, cooing, creating our own song of life.  Every child has a unique expression or signature of sound through his/her own voice.

Music/sound is the one thing that connects everything in the Universe. When things vibrate they create sound waves, which we hear as music as well as feeling the vibration. Every thing and every one of us is vibrating energy; and, because we are all different, and we all have a different energy pattern, that is our energy signature. And, we each have a unique interaction with every piece of music we hear.

Sound helps us live in harmony. If we listen carefully, the sounds of nature will cover the man-made sounds and give a temporary relief e.g. water running in a pond covers the sound of traffic.  We also have our internal sounds or internal music – thoughts.  So the use of sound does heal and has been used for centuries.  You may ask, why sound heals?  Think of everything in nature vibrating at a certain frequency. When our bodies are exposed to other frequencies of vibration, new patterns of vibration may result.  If our natural frequencies become ‘out of tune’ we can become ill; so, using music, healing mantras can bring the body back into harmony.

Sound healing returns our patterns of vibration to normal and sound heals physical, emotional and mental trauma. And remember, that love is the highest frequency of all and when you embody love – your natural self, you are in oneness with everything around you. 

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