” Recognize the feminine forces within you and tap into your powerful, natural self.”

March is a special time to celebrate the definite signs of spring arriving that will bring new beginnings for all of Earth and its inhabitants. New beginnings can be challenging because they are like stepping into a new terrain, uncharted territory. So the best way to start is to celebrate these new beginnings, celebrate the uniqueness of your children and family and to reflect upon what you bring to you, your extended family, your community and to the Earth.

International Year of Women Day reminds everyone of the qualities of the feminine, so needed in the world. The feminine reflects the soft, loving and nurturing aspects of Earth with women being the bearers of new life. The masculine qualities are there to support the nurturing and expansive aspect of the feminine. When both masculine and feminine qualities are in balance, life flows easily. And this year, gender balance is being highlighted. One example, is the sharing of responsibilities of family life by both partners with both parents working full-time.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find the balance in family life with the demands of life and work. Also, it is important to balance both the male and female energies within our bodies through yoga asanas, pranayamas and meditation or quiet time.So taking a few minutes each day to meditate, breathe deeply, spending quality time with your children and to smile/laugh can make a big shift in energy.  Read and learn more about Ganesha in this month’s newsletter, the popular Elephant God, who will help us through challenges or blocks.

And let’s not forget, St. Patrick’s Day, a time to celebrate living and St. Patrick’s holy trinity, represented by the ‘shamrock’. The shamrock also represents the nature of Earth and our nature, composed of pure consciousness, bringing pure and simple messages to enjoy and be fully present in our life. Also, children tune up with the energy of mischievous leprechauns and fairies. They exemplify lightness, some mischeaviouness and not taking life too seriously – ‘laugh, smile, don’t worry and live your passion!’

So step forward this month with a confident step, knowing that you are supported in your new endeavours or projects and take time to celebrate family life with a new creative project, taking a course, whatever is your passion!

And if you want to delve more deeply into the ‘power of the feminine’ this book, ‘Lost Secrets of the Feminine’, by Berdhanya Swami Tierra has profound insights for women of all ages.




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