“2021 New beginnings – Fun, Fraternity & Focus with Virtual Family Yoga.

We have all experienced a very unusual 2020 year and not one that anyone could have predicted!  And, I expect, like myself, your family has reflected on the challenges and opportunities of 2020. So lets celebrate ‘2021 New Beginnings simply with “Fun, Fraternity and Focus”

And upon reflection, at New Years, as I walked on the snowy walking path meeting people along the way, it was evident that we all had something in common: Fun, Fraternity and Focus” as well as social distancing with masks. Our ‘Stay at Home Order’ in Ottawa this week brings an even more contained venue for connecting with our families, not losing site of 1) a continued good sense of humour 2) virtual fraternity in work and play and 3) a passionate focus for 2021!

During this past year, people have shared with friends and through media that they have learned a new way to connect with loved ones, whether a grandparent, parent, aunt or cousin. The scenario has varied according to the season & each person’s living arrangement. One example is a friend who is a grandmother. She said just this week that she enjoyed seeing her grandchildren in her backyard last summer – face to face contact rather than virtual. For families there is the benefit of more quality time together and on the other side of the coin, parents have had challenges to coordinate their work responsibilities at home along with supervising their children’s learning, leisure time and the care of the home.

Of course, children, for the most part, are the ones that are resilient and land back on their feet easily. At the same time, we know that they are adjusting to a different external world with certain limitations so doing some creative work, yoga or meditation rebalances them. This newsletter gives the example of doing ‘mandalas’ as a family; It is an easy way to have fun, be creative and focused together.

2021 JANUARY OFFERINGS: I will be offering VIRTUAL CLASSES 1) a Family Yoga” class this month 2) Meditation class with your children and 3) weekly Hatha Yoga class for adults. And your parents may enjoy a Zen 55+ Virtual Hatha Yoga class at Rideau Sports Center. See details on website and in this newsletter.


And, as a final note, it helps to see the success stories of these times, how we have developed more patience, flexibility and grace during a more challenging time. And even during winter and a pandemic there is light at the end of the tunnel; so, let’s not lose heart and endurance. Our hearts keep the path full of light and new beginnings! Let’s jump aboard the 2021 train, staying focused on our passions to create our unique legacy.




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