Breath Harmonics

Breathontology Coaching Sessions

“Breath Harmonics”


“Breath is the most powerful tool to discover more of yourself.”

How does this happen?

Breathontology sessions will help you connect with the power of
your breath that is often under-utilized and; taken for granted in our
fast paced lifeIt blends ancient wisdom and knowledge supported by evidenced
based international research affirming that training and using your
breath can balance and support your well-being and healing.
How HEALTHY we are, depends on how we BREATHE!

This coaching program teaches you how to use your breath for a
more calm, focused mind, better sleep, digestion, relaxation and

Our ‘breath is sound’, vibrating a certain frequency with the force
of prana or life force. It creates our unique vibrational signature.
Our harmonious resonance can become blocked, like a piano
going out of tune. We can manipulate the breath using specific
pranayama sequences to bring the body back into a harmonious
state. It is the power of ‘vibration’ that facilitates natural healing
with the body, mind and spirit.

About the Breathwork Sessions
Breathwork sessions (in person or virtually with adults and
children) are individually tailored to the needs and constitution of
each individual with the recommendation to commit to a 7-week
program. This is because our physiology needs this time to
change with the introduction of new tools and habits.

Sound vibration is weaved into a breath work pranayama
sequence to create an inner space of meditation and relaxation
for clients: conscious humming, mantras. Linked with the breath
work, the sound vibration goes through the body bringing the
client into a place of self-healing.

The Humming Effect, won the 2018 Gold Visionary Award for Best Health & Healing Book by Jonathan Goldman. Here is his discovered formula of sound healing:

Frequency + Intent = Healing

Conscious humming is used to reduce stress, enhance the release of melatonin, nitric oxide and other healing hormones. Humming introduces you to the power of your voice!

It is a very simple, free sound healing tool. And who, doesn’t like to HUM!


  1. Supports deep healing, rest and rejuvination
  2. Creating an innner space of meditation and relaxation
  3. Helps restore balance ion the body systems and boosts immune function
  4. Helps to reduce inflammation and pain
  5. Helps restore and build strength, focus and cognitive performance
  6. Helps reconnect you to the wisdom of your body and facilitates greater self-awareness and sense of peace
  7. Helps to restore normal sleep and hormonal patterns in your body


How to get Started

You begin with an initial assessment meeting followed by a series of 7 classes for you to have the benefit of deep cellular healing.

I will tailor a Breathontology program to meet your individual needs and constitution.

Remember, I am here to facilitate the healing process, with your body
having the inherent wisdom to heal itself.

What to bring

Warm, loose, comfortable clothing

Water bottle

Yoga mat

Your smile 🙂


24-80 Rideau Terrace, Ottawa.


Over Zoom



  • $75 for initial assessment visit
  • $500 for 7 treatment session
  • Each session is 1 hour long

“Breath is the most powerful tool we use everyday that is underutilized”

Breath work

Other Breathontology Services

  1. Yoga nidra & breathwork for deep relaxation & healing
  2. Breath work and meditation – connecting deeply with your natural self
  3. “Breath Harmonics” a Breathontology workshop – to introduce you to the power of prana and breath work for healing: 1) knowledge 2) experiential. Duration:1.5 hours long

Please note: Breathontology Workshop in Manotick on July 26th from 6-7:30 PM. Register: Call or email Anamda

Cost: $35 for a group – in person or virtually (Zoom); $40 outside of downtown Ottawa

Yoga Classes

Come see what Yoga we have for you!


Learn about your Mind

Are you ready to meet yourself in Meditation?

These Meditation classes, are designed for anyone wanting to discover meditation or have already experienced the benefits of meditation and want to go deeper into the practice.

It is an opportunity to relax into yourself with effortlessness! Meditation gives you tools to connect with your natural self in a friendly and nourishing way. It will help you balance your inner and outer world so you can move through daily stresses and manage your life in a balanced way with a simple approach.

Breath work is key to meditation because the mind follows the breath. And breath his sound, so meditation includes some breath work, visualization and the sound current e.g. mantras, humming, singing bowls. 

You can be in the comfort of your own home which will set the tone for deep relaxation and a good sleep after meditation. 




80 Rideau Terrace, Ottawa, ON K1M 2C6

NOTE: The meditation will be on-line via Zoom. Please contact Anamda at for details or call 613-228-9235.


On-line monthly meditation through Zoom or in person; 3rd Wednesday evening of month.  Email Anamda for details.



From 6:30-7:30 PM


$18 per class or $65 for 4 classes.

“Meditation opens the heart, bringing your “heart essence” forward.”

Childrens Yoga Teacher Training

Interested in teaching kids?

This certified children’s yoga training program was founded by spiritual teacher, Berdhanya Swami Tierra, in 2003, using a unique educational approach: creative, multidimensional, alive and very transformative. Our trained yoga teachers can attest to the uniqueness and richness of this uplifting training for parents, educators or anyone wanting to teach yoga to children and families.

The training will give you new tools for holistic education, enrich your life and transform your inner growth. It has a strong creative, interactive approach that will require you to jump into the experience of the moment, experiencing your own unique voice and just like children, going deeper into your own innocent, natural self.

I offer a dynamic 3-day training at my location. Heart Sounds Yoga also has wheels” and can bring the training to your location and do training with special groups e.g. yoga studios, pre-school teachers, educators, etc. Out of town students are given suggestions for very reasonable accommodation close to the training centre..

During and after the training you will receive: “Yoga For Children” Teacher Training Manual of 176 pages, a Training Certificate, plus a music CD – “Shining Rainbow Hands” Yoga Sing-Along Songs for Children with accompanying story.

Manotick, Ontario for this August 2022 training. Address will be confirmed upon registration.

August 22, 25 and September 1st; 9-3 PM

Early Bird Special of 10 % off of training – end of day August 15th.


The price for a group training is $395.There is a early bird discount (EBD) of 10% for the training – $356 until August 15th.

Private training – $745

Receive another 10% off if you refer another person for the training.

Contact us to confirm and a registration/waiver form will be sent to you by email to be returned to Anamda before August 15th, either by email or mail.

  • Registration/waiver form
  • 18 hours of training
  • Develop one class outline individually or in a group
  • Teach one children’s yoga class to the other student-teacher with satisfactory performance
  • The feeling of accomplishment and joy!

“As a teacher, use your own unique voice and essence to engage children in yoga and meditation.”

Practical Awakening

Great for all

This life-changing and empowering 12-hour course combines yoga, breath work, mediation, self- inquiry and mystical knowledge. It will free you from an over-active mind, excess emotions, personal doubts or with a major transition in your life and will bring you increased vitality, happiness and direction in your life.

This course is also a wonderful tool for parents, educators and yoga teachers who are role models for this new generation of children who carry special abilities that need supporting. Did you know that most people live 99% in their mind and emotions that is just a projection of life, and not the real life?

All you need to do is commit to learning new tools for personal empowerment. It is tailored to your individual needs, your constitution and willingness to explore your true nature. It will give wonderful results in your life – increased vitality, clarity, balance and peace.

What you will learn through a friendly, interactive approach.

  1. A simple meditation practice to commit to each day
  2. Natural Ways to manage your emotions and mind
  3. Introduction to Ayurvedic principles of nutrition to balance your health.

80 Rideau Terrace, Ottawa, ON K1M 2C6

September 2022. Contact Anamda for more information.



Time: 7-8:30 PM

Group – $325

Individual $450

Contact Anamda at

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Family Time – Your Favourite Place

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