Childrens Yoga

Yoga from 3-18

Children are coming into the world with increased sensory abilities, intuition and other special abilities. They embody the vibrations of love, peace and bring a special message to us all and are attuned to natural healing and wellness. All children need time to play, be creative and in touch with their own alchemy and new seeds of growth and balance appear effortlessly when children enjoy yoga and meditation, either at school or at home.

Heart Sounds Yoga helps children develop increased concentration, flexibility, increased self- esteem and self-confidence, a calmer mind, personal presence as well as better peer, parent and teacher relationships.

Our Hatha yoga and Sound classes activate the natural voice of children and parents using acoustic instruments, bells, singing bowls, the voice, ukulele and other props, in harmony with the breath, yoga, meditation and movement. They are immersed in a place of creativity, simplicity, centeredness and calmness.

We offer a series of classes depending on your child(ren) and class needs. Please note that prices may vary depending on location. We can come to you in schools with lunch or after school programs, in community centres, early childhood programs, etc.

Childrens Yoga


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Balance This Fall

Learn important and easy tips to balance your Vata (fall-type child) this fall!

Yoga for Balance


This easy pose will ground your lively, airy and fast moving child.


Meditation for the Whole Family

Meditation for the Whole Family

Facebook Twitter Instagram “Meditation, an investment in your family's future." Research studies are showing that meditation does help in the balance of the mind and body of children and adults. And more and more schools are using mindfulness training with...

Meditative Yoga

Meditative yoga gives a well-rounded yoga experience with more focus on meditation throughout the class.

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