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Our birthday party classes are geared to the friends of the birthday girl/boy and the whole family depending on the request. We do classes for all ages – pre-school, school age and teens using a special theme for the class, suiting the personality and interest of the child. Parents can host the party in their own home or in a community setting e.g. (non-profit) community centers.

Parents like to provide the refreshments and cake after the class. Please note that you will need to provide yoga mats for the occasion. 

This could also work with special family events or play dates with friends in your home.

  • Kids use their energy 100% 100%
  • Friendly class with their friends 75% 75%
  • Leave Tired but Energized 70% 70%
  • Can share Yoga after 60% 60%

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The Joy of Music

The Joy of Music

Facebook Twitter Instagram "Sound and music brings us into our natural frequency of love." As a yoga teacher I was inspired to bring ‘the sound current’ into yoga classes with children. It started with using various mantras and known yoga songs for...

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