Shining Rainbow Hands

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‘Shining Rainbow Hands’, is a labor of love for us at ‘Heart Sounds Yoga’. As a yoga teacher/trainer for children and families, I have been inspired by the children and teens in my classes as well as by the love of music. During classes they enjoyed chanting mantras and other yoga songs and would sometimes break out in ‘song’, for example, when I used the singing bowl. In a group, they would remember a song or mantra and would sing it spontaneously before a class, walking out of the class or on their own. I observed that they were totally taken by the sound/music and uplifted into a joyful place of love.

These interactive sing-along songs for children, accompanied by the children’s story, “All the Colors of Your Hands’ are dedicated to the Rainbow People, the original people of the Earth, who lived in purity, love and joy many, many eons ago. These catchy and lively songs awaken the hearts of children and adults.

This music CD is a good accompaniment to children’s music camp; story telling circles, yoga birthday parties and family yoga. It also complements children’s yoga teacher training with ‘Heart Sounds Yoga’.

All the Colors of Your Hands

by Heart Sounds Production | Shining Rainbow Hands


by Heart Sounds Production | Shining Rainbow Hands

Be Happy Today

by Heart Sounds Productions | Shining Rainbow Hands

I Am All

by Heart Sounds Productions | Shining Rainbow Hands

All The Colors of Your Hands

This is the story of Darius, an imaginative little boy and his grandmother. This story was created at the same time as the ‘All the Colors of Your Hands’ song. Read it and see what the power of imagination can have.

Bhakti in the Woods Yoga Music Festival – ‘Shining Rainbow Hands’

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Susan Sweeney Hermon

Susan Sweeney Hermon

Ottawa harpist

Susan Sweeney Hermon is a Celtic harpist whose early focus was the music closest to her heart - tunes from the Celtic lands of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany and Galicia. She is not just a 'Celtoid' however. Multilingual and well-travelled, Susan is a lover of lore - stories and songs that grow out of many countries' soil, like beautiful perennials, from one generation to another.

Over the years Susan has collaborated with storytellers and has brought her harp into hospitals, schools, retirement residences and community halls. She has provided musical background at weddings and receptions, including events for the Speaker of the Senate on Parliament Hill, the Prime Minister's residence and the Emperor and Empress of Japan. She was a founding member of the Ottawa Harp Choir, an ensemble of ten Celtic harps, which performed in the National Capital Region for over a decade.

Susan is also the president of 'Spirit of Rasputin's that creates a home for the Ottawa folk music community -

Reiko Lokker

Reiko Lokker

Violin teacher, performer

Reiko has been playing the violin since the age of five and has performed with several ensembles and orchestras across Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, and Tokyo. She is a member of 234 Strings, an Ottawa based piano trio. Currently she is a private violin teacher, performer, and a Japanese teacher and translator part-time. 

Thank you all for being part of this powerful musical journey. We had fun as creative ideas floated around for the recording. May we continue to collaborate and share the joy of music.

“We did it!”

Anamda Sly

Sylvia Larrass

Sylvia Larrass

Director, performer

Sylvia is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and holds a diploma in vocal performance, as well as a medal of excellence from the Royal Conservatory of Music.  She has performed with various ensembles at the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, the Pontiac Festival, as well as with Opera Lyra, and as a soloist in Germany, where she grew up.

She is the director of Voice and Presentation Excellence, where she coaches people how to speak with confidence and sing with joy.

I just want to say how great Sylvia was at arranging the music and I hope we can work together again!

Anamda Sly

Francis Siddhartha Houleo

Francis Siddhartha Houleo


Francis who is 9 and in grade 4 has among his best friends, 2 cats - Fufoo and Sophie, 2 lovely turtles - Lily and Lela and multiple colorful fish.  He plays violin as a hobby and likes to sing. Francis performed at the Peace Festival of Ottawa a couple times. He joins Tzu Chi foundation for monthly performances at several senior residences in Ottawa. He follows and practices Buddhist meditation with his Mom.

Francis recently vowed to be a vegetarian for the well-being of animals. He goes to French school and speaks mandarin at home. Among his favorite things are: making up knock knock jokes, drawing friends surprise birthday cards. His best times are in summer camps and with winter skiing. 

Graphic Designer

Sandra has her own graphic art business at ‘Totem Studio’ and completed ‘Design Studies’ at Algonquin College School of Media and Design. She has a real passion for artistic projects, especially with children, being a mother herself. She loved doing this project and shared her ideas with children, other graphic artists and her friends to obtain feedback. It really shows in her work and many families will be attracted to this ‘rainbow’ CD.


Christiane is an artist, translator and editor and studied Traduction-Interprétation at Laval University and Ottawa. She brings much experience and creativity to the editing process.

Sound Engineer

Quddus is a musician and a former piano teacher and studied ‘Music Industrial Arts’ at Algonquin College, graduating 3 years ago. He has a lovely recording studio and his friendly, relaxed smile and approach made us feel comfortable during the recording process. It was a pretty seamless process!

Web Design

Sebastian Peralta is an Ayurvedic Practitioner but for me he has been a great help in the tech/website world. His versatility, patience, creative, and professional approach to his clients makes for a win, win situation. You will make me a techie yet!

Composer & Author

Composing songs and story telling has been a natural pastime for me and it was time to share this passion with the children and families who have inspired me over the years. A beautiful channel of creativity and love flowed throughout this project.

The rehearsals, recording sessions and mastering of the music was a great learning experience with everyone having a voice in the process – bringing their own talents and ideas to the group. In a way, we are the ‘Rainbow People’ singing our songs!. And a special thank you to all the musicians and other professionals who made this CD possible.  In gratitude, Anamda.

Special Thank You

With gratitude, to Berdhanya Swami Tierra, for her teachings and the inspiring lyrics of the song, ‘I Am All’.

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Anamda Sly

Anamda Sly

Owner and Teacher

Anamda brings innocence, creativity and wholeness to “Heart Sounds Yoga” and meditation teachings for children (including exceptional children) and adults or the whole family. She is passionate to bring multi-layered classes mixed with healing sounds (nada yoga).

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