“Meditative yoga takes you inward to a natural space of repose, to your natural self.”


“Gentle Hatha Yoga” combined with “meditation” gives parents a chance to unwind, release tension, build a strong and flexible physical body, relax and calm the mind resulting in harmony, peace and increased energy and well-being to meet the demands of family and work balance.

Come and try out “Meditative Yoga” with Anamda, a drop in yoga class at the Rideau Sports Centre (RSC) on Donald Street, very central to many areas. RSC connects people in the community through Sport, Wellness and Leisure.

Here are the details:

Meditative Yoga Class Monday evenings (7:30-8:30 p.m.) for parents, grandparents:

Through postures (asanas), breathing (pranayamas), relaxation and simple meditative techniques, this class will support relaxation of the body as well as calming the mind to create a more spacious experience. A guided meditation practice in the class will bring the student inward, reposing into oneself in a state of friendliness. The slow and gentle pace of this class makes it perfect for all levels.
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