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“My heart is a song that needs to sing.”

Heart Sounds Yoga

                     FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY

‘Heart Sounds Yoga’ was founded in 2017 to offer yoga and meditation to children and families, as a strong and rich foundation, to live a rich and balanced life. This program is based upon teachings that I received with other yoga/meditation work starting in 2001. One key teaching is: children express themselves naturally from their heart.

Children reflect all the ‘QUALITIES AND SOUNDS’ of the ‘HEART’ – innocence, kindness, joy, playfulness and presence. So sound vibration is a key element in the classes, bringing creativity, upliftment and fun! This is because the heart has its own music, rhythm and flow that children tap into effortlessly and yoga brings this flow into equilibrium.

Children and adults respond very positively to a multi-layered creative approach where they can express freely. So, Heart Sounds Yoga is free flow creative expression for all ages.

                           SOUND HEALING

As a lover of music and sound vibration, I bring yoga and sound together for ADULTS & 55+. This includes ZEN (SUBTLE) HATHA YOGA and MEDITATION and more recently, “BREATHONTOLOGY’ or BREATHWORK COACHING.

My goal is to give yoga, meditation and breath tools to people during a time of great change and transformation. Learning to regulate the breath is such a gift for everyone to experience at any age.

As a graduate of “Breathontology” with the teachings of Berdhanya Swami Tierra, in June 2022, I am passionate to be a breath work coach for people wanting to explore the secrets of the breath for self-care. It can easily be done in combination with yoga and meditation classes/workshops. Breathontology blends ancient wisdom and knowledge supported by evidenced based international research that demonstrates that having training and using your breath can balance and support your well-being and healing.

With a background in music, I have embraced the use of sound for healing. People of all ages love the singing bowls spiralling sound, linked with wind chimes, piano and other acoustic instruments. And the sound of the voice with toning is very empowering, for example, ‘humming’ or using mantras for purification and healing.

And my classes and workshops can be adapted to the needs of a specific group, family, child or adult at home, in a community setting, workplace or at school.

I look forward to serving you all.

In Service,

Anamda Sly

About Your Teacher - Anamda

Hi, my name is Anamda and I welcome you to 'Heart Sounds Yoga'.

I discovered holistic healing later during my career in health promotion and the two came together easily. This journey for personal empowerment is ongoing and brings me closer to my 'natural self' everyday.

My passion is to bring you healing practices that will help you discover your own self-healing potential, to be "empowered, happy and joyful" in life.These healing practices have transformed my life e.g. breathwork, yoga/Ayurveda, meditation and sound healing.

With my love of music and sound resonance, sound healing is an integral part of the breathwork, teaching and training sessions.

I look forward to meeting you soon over a cup of tea on Wednesday evenings if you would like to know more about what to expect with this work. Also, take a good look at my blog that has an abundance of knowledge and experiential exercises.

And, please contact me for a free session to discover your basic Ayurvedic constitution or body type.


Learn more about me here.

Anamda is an experienced hatha yoga teacher/trainer for Family
Yoga, a ZEN yoga and meditation teacher for adults and 55+ and a Breathontology
facilitator (Level 1-3).

She has had a long apprenticeship with Berdhanya Swami Tierra
(2002 – present), a shaman, mystic, yoga and spiritual teacher
from South America.

Her training includes: Bioenergetics certificate, Children’s Yoga
training (Level 1-2), Breathontology (Level 1-3) and Hatha
Yoga/Meditation. Other complementary studies include: shamanic
energy work, expressive art and ayurveda.

Anamda has facilitated children’s yoga teacher training since
2003, and has led many yoga classes in schools, pre-schools,
organizations and special needs groups.

In 2017, she founded ‘HEART SOUNDS YOGA’ inspired by the love,
laughter and joy of children and families. In 2019, “SHINING RAINBOW HANDS",
a music CD of ‘Yoga Sing-Along Songs for Children with Story was created, a collaboration with local musicians.

Also, Anamda provides subtle ZEN
hatha yoga and Zen meditation classes. She is very passionate now to

Anamda’s community nursing career in health promotion has
provided a strong foundation for her holistic health approach.




About Anamda

Some Testimonials

An incredible gift of of insight and self-empowerment!  I am enjoying greater clarity and well-being,  Namaste Anamda and Berdhanya.

Jill Yip

I am Dr. Shamna Prajith from Kerala, India. I am writing this for my dearest daughter, Sreeparvathi. A few months ago I played her the songs that Anamda sent to me. She became a big fan of all the four songs especially, ‘Be Happy Today’.. and asked me if she could sing it in her school arts day. From then on I have heard her lips humming this song many times. She even got a big appreciation from the school for this song. So we are sending our love to the Heart Sounds Yoga team.

Dr. Shamna Prajith

My 3 and 5 year old grandchildren LOVE the ‘Shining Rainbow Hands’ songs, the little one is intrigued by rainbows and was fascinated by the story behind the song. The boy knows the song by heart. Every time they come to my house, the first request is “let’s play the song and please granda—read the story for us.”

This tune –‘All the Colors of Your Hands’ has a wonderful and powerful vibration. The story has a soft magic. Just beautifu!!!

Anna Rotundo

“Shining Rainbow Hands” is a sweet and joyful collection of songs for children.  The songs are short and simple for young children to learn and provide a great accompaniment to a children’s yoga or movement class.  Listening to this cd invites children to express themselves in their natural, spontaneous, heart-centred way.  The uplifting power of music is one of the greatest experiences we can offer to our children.  “Shining Rainbow Hands” promotes happy kids!


I enrolled in the program to learn how to engage children in the practice of yoga.  I ended up also reawakening the child in me that likes to be silly, imaginative and energized. Club Yoga training helped me reawaken the joy.


I feel like being a child again whenever I am with a Club Yoga class. I feel free to be curious and to discover, and to be open, just like an innocent child. The energy of the Club Yoga class and training is liberating and penetrating. Thank you

Coco Li


Some of My Friends

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Berdhanya Swami Tierra is a spiritual teacher, author and mystic who was born in Colombia and educated at the Incca University in Bogotá. Berdhanya Swami Tierra is dedicated to open the way to those individuals who are sincerely interested in self-cultivation and inner mastery. Berdhanya supports inner awakening and personal freedom through meditation, mystical teachings, self-inquiry and contemplation. Her teachings has spread to reach an international audience, producing a movement of education and self-awareness in individuals and communities.

Her profound, simple, yet straightforward teachings highlight earth wisdom and natural sciences. Her teachings point toward the embodiment of our true nature through acceptance, relaxation and clear perception. Her profound yet simple teachings have already helped countless people throughout the world find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives.

Berdhanya was the Founder of Club Yoga in 2001, a non-profit yoga program for children and families in the Ottawa region. She trained several of her students to teach yoga to children and has a real love for children.

Reiko Lokker

Reiko Lokker

Violin teacher, performer

Reiko has been playing the violin since the age of five and has performed with several ensembles and orchestras across Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, and Tokyo. She is a member of 234 Strings, an Ottawa based piano trio. Currently she is a private violin teacher, performer, and a Japanese teacher and translator part-time. 

CD Musicians

Thank you all for being part of this powerful musical journey. We had fun as creative ideas floated around for the recording. May we continue to collaborate and share the joy of music.

"We did it!"

Sebastian Peralta

Sebastian Peralta

Owner and Practitioner

Viveda is committed to helping people realize how simple it can really be to stay healthy and balanced in our daily lives. While it can seem like a lot when we start, it will become easy to follow and actually quite logical in its day to day use. Viveda wants people to not only come for treatments and products but also  to leave with some knowledge that can be passed on. The only way to make a better world for ourselves is for us to become informed about what is out there and what our bodies and minds need to feel balanced and happy. Viveda has been in business since 2012 and we are ready to continue the journey with everyone. We want to expand people's awareness of the different types of alternative healthcare that are readily available for us all. Come and help Viveda grow and spread the power of Ayurveda.

Book your Ayurvedic consultation now to learn about yourself and Ayurveda.


Are Kids more open minded than Adults?

Susan Sweeney Hermon

Susan Sweeney Hermon

Ottawa harpist

Susan Sweeney Hermon is a Celtic harpist whose early focus was the music closest to her heart - tunes from the Celtic lands of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany and Galicia. She is not just a 'Celtoid' however. Multilingual and well-travelled, Susan is a lover of lore - stories and songs that grow out of many countries' soil, like beautiful perennials, from one generation to another.

Over the years Susan has collaborated with storytellers and has brought her harp into hospitals, schools, retirement residences and community halls. She has provided musical background at weddings and receptions, including events for the Speaker of the Senate on Parliament Hill, the Prime Minister's residence and the Emperor and Empress of Japan. She was a founding member of the Ottawa Harp Choir, an ensemble of ten Celtic harps, which performed in the National Capital Region for over a decade.

Susan is also the president of 'Spirit of Rasputin's that creates a home for the Ottawa folk music community - Rasputins.org

Paula Lin

Paula Lin

Taiwan-Canadian pianist

Paula Lin generously donated her time to support Heart Sounds Yoga with her beautiful accompaniment for three children’s stories.  She is a Taiwan-Canadian pianist residing in Canada since 1990. A member of ORMTA (Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association), she teaches piano privately in Ottawa and enjoys accompanying instrumentalists as a collaborative artist. With her MA degree on the researches of piano pedagogy, obtained form the University of Ottawa, Paula  truly believes that classical music brings significant refined impacts on all learning activities for children, teenagers and adults; even just by listening.

Sylvia Larrass

Sylvia Larrass

Director, performer

Sylvia is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and holds a diploma in vocal performance, as well as a medal of excellence from the Royal Conservatory of Music.  She has performed with various ensembles at the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, the Pontiac Festival, as well as with Opera Lyra, and as a soloist in Germany, where she grew up.

She is the director of Voice and Presentation Excellence, where she coaches people how to speak with confidence and sing with joy.

Francis Siddhartha Houleo

Francis Siddhartha Houleo


Francis who is 9 and in grade 4 has among his best friends, 2 cats - Fufoo and Sophie, 2 lovely turtles - Lily and Lela and multiple colorful fish.  He plays violin as a hobby and likes to sing. Francis performed at the Peace Festival of Ottawa a couple times. He joins Tzu Chi foundation for monthly performances at several senior residences in Ottawa. He follows and practices Buddhist meditation with his Mom.

Francis recently vowed to be a vegetarian for the well-being of animals. He goes to French school and speaks mandarin at home. Among his favorite things are: making up knock knock jokes, drawing friends surprise birthday cards. His best times are in summer camps and with winter skiing. 

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