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One of the best family activities is some family Yoga. Come and learn what you and your family can do!

Isabella Things that childrens Yoga i just fan freakin tastic


Owner, Heart Sounds Yoga

“Be like your children and laugh often expressing your love of life.”

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Because kids are growing it is especially helpful for them to develop their flexibility, mobility and strengthen all their muscles and joints of the body.


Yoga helps kids learn the correct posture in overall but also what posture their body has. This will help them in their balance and coordination as well.

Motor Skills

A nice thing about yoga is there are many movements and exercises that provide improvement in small and gross motor skills.

The Breath

A big part of yoga is the breath. We help show children what they can do and feel with the power of their own breath. This helps their lung capacity, heart function and oxygen intake.

Improves the body

The kids (and adults) immune and lymphatic systems become strengthened as they are used and 'worked out'.


Because Yoga is a more slower paced exercise there can me allot of work on helping balance ones mind, moods and emotions.

Aids Focus and Concentration

The title explains it pretty well. In yoga you should be thinking about your body and how its reacting to the movements. This help focus the mind on the body which can help with concentration and commitment in all things.

Increased confidence

The more we work with our own bodies, especially at a young age, the more confident and creative we can be with ourselves.


And last but definitely not least is that it helps you be relaxed in your own body, during and after the class. Providing a sense of balance and centeredness.

I did childrens yoga when I was young. I learned so much about how to breath properly and how to enjoy simple stretches and how my body reacts to it. I recommend it to everyone, especially kids that have a hard time focusing.

Sebastian Peralta

Owner & Practitioner, Viveda


How often do kids say "I love you Teacher"

“My heart is a song that needs to sing.”

Heart Sounds Yoga

Children reflect all the qualities and sounds of the “heart” – innocence, kindness, joyfulness,
presence, playfulness. Their heart comes forward in the moment. “Heart Sounds Yoga” has emerged
from our experience working with children and families since 2001. Children naturally embody
their true “heart essence” of light, love and life with yoga and meditation giving them a strong
foundation/tools to live a rich and balanced life at school and at home.
The heart has its own music, rhythm and flow that children tap into effortlessly and yoga brings this
flow into equilibrium. “Heart Sounds Yoga” connects “the sound current” with “hatha yoga” for
children to tune into their own wise, inner voice for healing and balance. The “sound current or
sound light” is the vibration of all of creation and goes back to our original essence. Each person has
a personal signature of sound. And, children naturally express from their wise heart - free of
concepts and judgments about themselves and others. YOGA AND MEDITATION helps them stay
centered and happy.
We are located in Ottawa and provide hatha yoga and meditation training/classes for “CHILDREN
AND THE WHOLE FAMILY”. We are passionate to bring creative, multi-layered yoga classes, using
the sound current (voice, mantras, acoustic instruments), yoga stories, art, drama, puppets, yoga
games and Ayurveda. Our classes are adapted to the needs of a specific group, family or child at
home, in a community setting or at school.

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